The Innovation Imperative for Future Leaders Leaders of Tomorrow Program

Challenge: Developing the next generation of business leaders

The challenge for a major internet technology company was to develop the next generation of leaders by building knowledge of the organisations emerging issues, challenges and opportunities. Staff needed a realistic and challenging opportunity to experience what was required of them as business leaders of the future.

Management needed to establish and build skills rapidly whilst engaging across a diverse cultural group. The need for continual and progressive innovation needed to be embedded to enable the business to deliver real and meaningful business outcomes in line with its strategic objectives. Competing portfolio interests and a required set pace of development were also mitigating factors. Above all staff needed to trust in the process and outcomes.

Creating a Dynamic Classroom – a Tailored Solution

EP developed a dynamic workshop-style staged approach to learning, converging at critical steps for the 240 participants of mid to senior management. Two streams of 8-10 facilitators each with 4-6 client Directors were available daily to coordinate the pop-up facilitate sessions or “PUFS” as they became known.

These “PUFS” were designed to embed supporting skills required to achieve tangible business outcomes.

The teams developed new innovations for the company. Progressing through a process of continual development via a series of coordinated stages – from initial idea generation through to final business case with supporting funding and internal executive advocacy.

Program Structure overview

Value Exchange Session: Breakout into groups of 30 for rapid idea development, continual improvement and peer selection. All resulting ideas were displayed in plenary and participants reviewed and formed their teams based on the value they can add to their selected ideas.

Workshops encouraged ‘how’ thinking, both global and local, developing indicative costs and strategic planning. Feasible and realistic tactics were developed.

Quantify the Plan: The opportunity worth was evaluated by assessing the market and upfront costs (financial modeling).

Mitigating Risks: A risk identification session determined internal risks requiring mitigation and eternal risks to be controlled. Participants worked in team with coaching and pop-up facilitate sessions. Company Directors were very much involved and their experience leveraged.


The Design Led Innovation program achieved business acumen and organisational development in a context of innovation and agility. It created immediate business impact through tangible initiatives and rapid development.

The program was reported as highly successful with great support and visibility within the company. Participant response was exceptional. Business outcomes were delivered immediately through both improved skills and implemented innovations.

Case Studies