“Our garden is wonderful right now. We are eating many of the vegetables on a daily basis. They are so good! Having the new tractor has enabled us to expand the garden…of course, this means more weeding too!”

We travel all over the world – in any given year we meet and work with people from almost every continent. In the course of our travels, we see a lot of people less fortunate than we are, and it challenges us to think about how we can make a difference. EP’s mission, reflected in our work and in our lives, is to reach out to people and make a difference. We (modestly) contribute to thousands of lives each year through our business work. Our professions give us the opportunity to help transform people’s business lives, but we want to make a larger difference.

EP has chosen to help create and support an orphanage in Nicaragua on a long-term basis. Nicaragua is one the poorest countries in the world, left devastated by their civil war of the 1990’s. With little internal resources, and almost no outside support, the poorest of the poor in Nicaragua are barely surviving. This is a place where EP CAN make a difference.

Through your support of EP, we have the resources to support the needs of thirty children ,and we are looking to expand our support. We primarily offer financial support and use our business and training skills in a leadership role on the board of directors. We are blessed to have such an opportunity to give back. Thank you for your support of EP, which enables this effort!

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