Workshop Experience

Process and Guarantee

At Executive Perspectives we design and develop workshops centered around business simulations to create the most impactful experience possible. Our program designs leverage three key elements:

Top leadership and business acumen content delivered by experienced business leader

Business-relevant simulations for practice and application developed using our proprietary process

Structured action planning to implement new skills back in the office to deliver Return on Investment

Our simulations are the core of our business. These computer-based interactive models allow participants working in teams to develop, execute, and see the results of strategies in a realistic competitive environment.

Our simulations are organized into three categories:

Business Acumen and Leadership: “Out of the box” and customizable simulations focused on universal business and leadership challenges such as Cross Business Unit Collaboration, Financial Acumen, Customer Understanding, and Leading Teams.

Industry or Client Understanding: “Out of the box” and customizable simulations focused on specific industries such as Financial Services and Insurance, Railroads and Transportation, Manufacturing, Energy and Mining, Logistics, Consumer Goods, Computers and High-Tech, and Retail.

Strategic Alignment and Execution: Fully customized simulations built with our clients to represent the organization’s key strategic challenges, marketplace dynamics, and metrics used to measure success.

We understand that your goal is to drive business results by developing your teams capabilities. Research shows that simulations are the most powerful way to achieve your goals, because they allow you to:

Train like you work – The best way for people to learn is on the job, but simulations provide nearly the same experience at a much lower cost and risk to the organization

Compress time and provide a vision of the future – No other method allows leaders to test new strategies and see the impacts in days instead of years

Demonstrate a line of sight between business decisions and business results – Most leaders think they know what happens when they make a decision, but simulations allow them to experience it in a safe learning environment

“As a newer employee my goal was to network and to learn about parts of the company I’m not typically exposed to. The class not only provided an environment for that but really opened my eyes on how to be a better leader and apply the company values. I think this was especially realized in the simulation which allowed me to practice those values and learnings.”

Sr. Manager, Aerospace

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