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Training in a Post-Meltdown World

The 2008 global meltdown was a watershed event that has transformed the corporate landscape and from which no country, company or corporate function (and few individuals) has emerged unscathed. For all corporate functions (including training) there will continue to be intense pressure in the current and future environment to “prove our worth” or be quickly […]

Play – Learn – Repeat

In his latest film Edge of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise must save the world from total annihilation yet again. As usual, he is completely overmatched by his enemies, an alien race set on destroying the earth that has better weapons, better technology, and brighter minds. This time around Tom Cruise’s character can’t rely on his ability […]

Demise of the #Gameophobes

It has been over two years since I challenged the audience at TEDx Gramercy to bring games into their lives as a way to transform the way they learn, and to avoid being a “Game-o-Phobe.” Now that our next generation of speakers is ready to take the stage at TEDx Gramercy 2014, I thought it […]

The Hidden Power of Games: a TED Talk

Research has proven that games and simulations are a more effective way for people to learn. Why then, do we continue to rely on traditional and ineffective ways of learning that we have relied on for thousands of years? Marshall Bergmann, Vice-President of the New York Office of EP, answers this question and provides an […]