Vice-President, Technology

new_TimExecutive Profile
Tim leads the software development team at Executive Perspectives, consulting with clients in a variety of industries in simulation design, and routinely participates in the facilitation of our business simulations. He has been involved in the software industry for over twenty years, and has worked in all manner of firms, from startups to multinational financial service companies. Some of the Tim’s accomplishments include: Developing simulations for managing technology innovation at a global chip manufacturer; Creating “what-if” scenario tools for mergers and acquisition analysis and Applying agent-based modeling concepts to simulate the interaction of employees within cross-functional teams

Other Accomplishments
Tim has a B.S. degree in computer science and an MBA (concentration in finance) from Northeastern University and école supérieur de commerce, Reims. He has lectured on technology issues at national conferences and universities, and was on the board of directors of

Tim also enjoys coaching youth soccer, sailing, and biking in New England with his wife and four children.

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